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Inspired to make mini-comics by an issue of Shannon Wheeler’s Too Much Coffee Man, C. Michael Hall (you can call him Mike) bumped around the small press comix scene in the late 1990s and early 2000s, where he was best known for his semi-regular series, The Adventures of Dr. Mystery, Man of Action. He was later a founding partner in comics publisher Ape Entertainment (which rocketed to great success seemingly 30 seconds after Mike left the company) and is the author of Make Your Own Comics: The Small Press Primer, as well as co-creator of Ape Entertainment’s Go-Go Gorilla and the Jungle Crew. His works include a series of educational comics created for academic and public libraries (links to Mike's educational comics can be found on the "Webcomics" page); Helldorado: East Eats West, a mini-series written for Ape Entertainment; and most recently, Mike re-teamed with his Library of the Living Dead collaborator Matt Upson to co-write an information literacy textbook in graphic novel format for the University of Chicago Press. He was a reviewer, columnist, and cartoonist for ACE Magazine in 2015 and is currently working on his next graphic novel, about which he's still in the hush-hush phase. In addition to his freelance work, Mike has taught college course in comics and cartooning and worked as a full-time librarian.

Mike has a BS in History and Political Science from McPherson College. He resides in Portland, OR with his wife Lily and their four cats.



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